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Your child at the heart of everything we do!

Stages is a different kind of Drama School dedicated to helping young minds and bodies grow. Our philosophy is to put child development at the heart of everything we do, using drama to develop your child's confidence, imagination, co-ordination, concentration, social skills and communication

Every child can Shine! - Stages is set apart from most drama schools because it is NOT a franchise, the games and activities do not come "off the peg", but are carefully planned to meet the needs of the individual children in the class. Just as every child is different, so should their learning journey be. Stages celebrates your child's growth and development over performance skills. Every child no matter what their ability can achieve and what's more Stages aims to be the most affordable drama school around, enabling more children to enjoy and achieve! (Every Child Matters)

Progress - Stages offers opportunities for children to celebrate their developing abilities through it's own in house rewards system, Stages Gem Challenges. These are a perfect introduction to the more formal LAMDA examinations which can be taken in the Stages Two class. Feedback on your child's progress will be given at the end of term. However, informal feedback is available at any time. There are stickers to collect and fun drama activities to try at home between lessons


Performances - Stages is a drama school not a Theatre School. The difference being that the emphasis  is not on producing a final polished performance to a packed house, but rather learning and developing drama skills that lead to the children sharing a Showcase of their work with family and friends. It will be rough around the edges but it will have been devised by the children, isn't that the most important thing? 

Drama for students with Special Needs - Drama is often about collaboration and negotiation, and when it is used in mixed-ability groups it can act as a bridge between children with special needs and others in their peer group. It can enable students with particular difficulties, and provides an ideal environment to encourage students to work together and to develop trust and friendships. See Benefits Of Stages

Skills for life! -  How important is it that your child has the confidence to say no to peer pressure or bullying? The self esteem to involve themselves in group activities and have belief in their own abilities? Or the focus and determination it takes to persevere with things in life and to see an alternative when things don't necessarily go to plan? 

Stages is about equipping your child with not only skills for the stage, but skills for life!

Helping your child understand how to interact with their peers is one of the best investments you'll ever make in their future!

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About Me

Hi, I'm Coral, a mum of three gorgeous boys. They are lively, enthusiastic and very imaginative and they were the ones that inspired me to create Stages.... read more...

Benefits Of Stages

With strong communication skills, children can engage and thrive. Without them, children struggle to learn, achieve, make friends and interact... read more...

Success Stories

It makes me so proud to be able to share with you some of the successes of my former drama students. Although I would never presume to take the credit... read more...